Introducing Zooligans: Animal Themed Mary Janes & Fisherman Sandals For Kids

Summer is just around the corner, which means many of us are shopping for sandals and checking out the latest Spring/Summer styles for kids. I’ll tell you there are some really great styles coming out, but nothing quite as unique as the new brand Zooligans.

The Zooligans line was born from the creative team of Joel Rusnak and Cheryl Andonian (formerly of
Polliwalks) to launch a collection of animal-themed shoes. Zooligans. According to WWD, the line is targeted to toddlers and includes Mary Jane shoes for girls and fisherman sandals for boys, all of which feature details in an array of colorful animal designs such as a panda, alligator, monkey, dog and raccoon.

Another really neat thing about this brand is the packaging. Each pair of shoes is packaged in boxes that can be converted to pet carriers to hold kids’ shoes or their favorite stuffed animal. The tags on the shoes are also unique. Each one tells a short educational story about the respective animal.

Zooligans are made of leather uppers and feature a flexible, athletic-inspired bottom with a playful paw design. The line is slated to launch in better department stores, e-tailers and independents in late April.