Crafty Tuesday Featuring: Mess-Free Finger Painting!

When I first spotted this idea on The Hippie Housewife I knew I had to give it a try with my daughter. It’s so often the simplest ideas that end up being the most effective — and in this case, it’s already become a favourite!

Here’s what you need for your mess-free finger painting adventure:

Paints: Grab an assortment of favourite colours. We used a non-toxic Crayola paint that comes in a range of fun hues. Just about any kind of paint would work, and since it won’t leave the inside of the plastic bag, you don’t have to worry!

Plastic baggies: One or a few, depending on how many colour combos your little ones want to try out! It can be fun to use two or three at the same time, lined up across a table. You can also experiment with different sizes of baggies — from sandwich size, to great big freezer sized bags! Tip: Choose zip style bags — the fold top baggies won’t contain your mess quite so well!

Painters tape: This tape works really well to stick your baggies down to a table — or even to a window — without damaging any surfaces. It’s also much easier (especially for smaller kids) to “finger paint” without having to hold the bag down so it doesn’t slide.

01. Choose your paints!

02. Drop a dollop of each colour into the plastic bag and zip it shut tight!

03. Tape it down and go!

This is a really neat sensory activity, and I promise moms and dads are going to want in on the fun. It’s a really great feeling to squish the paint around under a thin layer of plastic, and there’s something strangely satisfying about knowing no mess is being made! This is a perfect activity to keep kiddos happy before dinner and it cleans up in a jiffy!

My daughter has been wanting to try this out with all different colours this past week and it’s been awesome watching her try out new designs, tracing shapes and letters, mixing colours and more. Just be sure to remind your little ones not to use their fingernails to push into the plastic! My three-year-old loves to scratch at her designs which definitely ends up turning this mess-free activity into a mess-full one!

Happy painting!