Apps Are So Yesterday – Check Out The New I-Wood Laptop For Kids

As you know, we are big fans of the iPad and my girls use it on a daily basis for videos, games and as a school supplement. There is a slight problem though – we only have one. This can prove to be a problem when you are traveling in a vehicle for over 5 hours, which is why I have stopped travelling with it all together. If they can’t share, forgetaboutit.

When I saw the new iWood, I was thrilled! This neat little travel art case is designed by German design company Donkey Products. The case is designed to look like a laptop and instead of a track pad there’s a neat little rectangular slot for chalk.

Think of this as the 21st century Etch-a-Sketch. It’s sturdy enough to prop up on laps (perfect for travelling) and gives your kids a break from the screen. Sure you can’t listen to music or swipe to play, but it gives your child’s imagination a workout and at 40 Euros (approximately $53 USD) it is also considerably more affordable then the iPad.

The I-Wood is proving to be quite popular and won’t be available until late February due to high demand.