DKNY Kids Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Collection Could Be Their Very Best Yet!

Dare I say, I think the Spring/Summer 2012 collection from DKNY Kids is their best one yet! Split up into 5 different collections, all inspired by different subjects, the Spring/Summer line has one thing in common – lots and lots of color! Shaking off the chill of the cold winter months, DKNY jumps into Spring and Summer full force with uplifting color and city-smart charm.

Uptown chic gets a rock ‘n’ roll edge, in New York City. You’ll see plenty of flirty tiered skirts, sleek leather jackets, scarf print frocks topped with ruffled collar coats, red satin trousers (I know!) and full striped cardigans. Sweatshirts are glammed up with chains and sequined silkscreens jazz up the tops. Look for a palette with this season’s hottest colors – red and azalea blue.

You would think, with a name like Serenity that a collection of clothing would be toned down, perhaps slightly boring? Not so with this one. A calmer collection perhaps, but certainly not boring! Neutrals are touched with black and gold, metallic leather accents trim clean-lined cardigans and loose chine jersey tops look fab against skinny trousers.

Vintage City pays tribute to romantic strolls across the Brooklyn Bridge with hues of almond, pansy, lily and washed out blues. Tiny pink flowers are sprayed across sailor stripes and green belts add a pop of colour. Lots of ruffles and fringe is found on shirts, tees and scarves.

Nomad Chic evokes a Bohemian ’70’s vibe with soft hues of lily, powder pink, pale trench, grey and blue. Cotton voile is light in texture, tie dyed, and embellished with cut-work embroidery. long loose sundresses, lacy blouses and flowy tees all add to the ‘flower child’ look.

Then of course, there is Colorblock, splashing tutti-frutti shades of mint, peach and Hawaiian blue with voile scares floating in the breeze . What about the boys you ask? They get into the spirit of the season with a mix of vintage, military and bold Hawaiian florals. You’ll find lots of army jackets, bleached-out jeans, surfer tees, graphics, gabardine trench coats and cargo shorts. Neutrals are brightened with splashes of blue, green, vivid red and turquoise.

What do you think of DKNY Kids’ Spring/Summer 2012 line? Do you love it as much as I do?