Olivia Pink’s Handmade Costumes Deliver With Chain Mail Hoods, Princess Costumes & Imaginary Fun

I know that I’ve written about my two boys’ obsession with costumes in the past and that is because they absolutely adore them! We have many, though they all fit in somewhere in the superhero spectrum. Spiderman and Batman costumes abound, and with my oldest turning 5 soon, I am crossing my fingers we can start to move toward a wider scope as far as interests go.

Perhaps one of the adorable handmade costumes now available from UK Retailer Olivia Pink can be their first introduction to a new era of costume. Olivia Pink, who carry a line-up of great brands such as Melissa and Doug, Wonderland, and Fiesta Crafts are now featuring medieval-era inspired costumes to make play time more fun!

I have long been a fan of handmade costumes, as anyone who has ever purchased a stock costume knows that they fall apart in no time, and are made of cheap material. Olivia Pink’s costumes are completely unique and of the highest quality, made with love and care. The costumes and accessories are classical and would allow for much fun to be had during dress-up time. A replica of Rapunzel’s dress, embroidered tunics, gorgeous fairy tale dresses, crowns, cloaks and more are all available to contribute to imaginative fun.

For more information and to purchase one of Olivia Pink’s new costumes, you can visit their shop here.