Stunning! The New CMYK Zen & Monochrome Zen Strollers Are Revealed!

If you are looking for unique cantfindanywhereelse exclusives, giggle is proving to be your best bet. Not only do they sell many product exclusives from well known brands, they just introduced their two new exclusive stroller styles from Bugaboo. Yesterday, they announced the addition of the bloom ZEN CMYK Stroller ($799) which could very well be the most eye-popping of the season!

In a colorway that looks incredibly similar to giggle’s trademark colors, the new CMYK Zen from bloom is as stylish and fresh as it is practical. This all-terrain stroller boasts a cutting edge fold design making it super slim for storing in tight spaces and freestanding when folded flat. Although I have yet to test it out, this seems as though it would be an excellent travel stroller! The new Zen also features a first-of-its-kind solar lighting system that allows you to shine a light beam or flash hazards for additional safety. The fabric is breathable, stain-resistant and the cushion is reversible.

Another fun product is the Zen Yoga Newborn Nest ($250). This can be paired with the Zen stroller to create a comfortable newborn solution, or it can also be used a as a parent-facing newborn cradle, baby lounger or travel bed. It too folds flat for excellent portability.

Looking for something a little less flashy? The Monochrome Zen is your best bet. It too retails for $799.

All three of the products above are currently available for presage exclusively through giggle and are expected to ship in late February.