Sonatina: Stunning Leather Baby Shoes Influenced By The ’30’s & ’40’s

My heart skipped a beat when I laid eyes on these beautiful baby shoes from Sonatina. Lena Aboo is the designer of these stunning little creations, and you’ll never guess where her inspiration came from – YouTube!Lena became inspired to create her own line of miniature baby shoes after watching a video of an Indian shoemaker create a piece of footwear out of the leather from a skirt found in her mother’s wardrobe.

With the use of a sewing machine and apiece of leather, Lena created her very first mini shoe. Each one of these incredible creations are made from nappa leather and you’ll notice most of them are influenced by the ’30’s, ’40’s and dance.

If you live in the United States you can purchase these cute shoes through Sonatina’s online shop. The line isn’t available in-store in the United States or Canada yet, but can be purchased through a wide range of retailers in Italy as well as a couple of locations in Turkey, Taiwan and Russia.