Jessica Alba Launches The Honest Company – Eco-Friendly Family Essentials

Last week Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee and Sean Kane announced the launch of their brand new eco-friendly company called The Honest Company during a posh event hosted by my friend Nicole Feliciano, Founder & Editor of Mom Trends.

The company has an interesting concept, they have put together an eco-friendly line of family essentials and are offering them through a monthly subscription service at Honest.com. Jessica Alba, like most of us was frustrated with the lack of eco-friendly options and took matters into her own hands.

Teaming up with renowned environmentalist, author, and former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO dad Christopher Gavigan, ShoeDazzle.com founder Brian Lee and PriceGrabber.com executive Sean Kane, they set out to create healthy, innovative and affordable products such as diapers, wipes, bath/skin care and household cleaning products. The line is made from natural, non-toxic ingredients and are then curated into personalized bundles that are automatically shipped every month.

Parents can also try a Free Discovery Kit, that includes a sample pack of diapers and wipes, or trial-sized versions of the bath, skin and cleaning products. As I mentioned before, the system is quite affordable. Diapers are priced at less than $20 a week and you can choose a monthly supply of body car and home cleaning essentials for under $9 a week.

I really like the concept although I am quite curious as to how the diapers especially hold up! For more information, visit Honest.com.

A mom to two girls and a baby boy, a writer and the publisher of Child Mode. As a lover of style and fashion, Nadia found her ‘niche’ and love of children’s clothing while searching for quality items for her family.


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4 Responses to "Jessica Alba Launches The Honest Company – Eco-Friendly Family Essentials"

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  1. Nicole Feliciano

    January 26, 2012 at 1:29 pm

    We are out of the diaper phase. so I’m eager to here from my friends with tots the testing results. One thing that is sure–the line looks great. It was so fun to host the event. Thanks for the mention.

  2. Tabitha

    January 26, 2012 at 8:25 pm

    I have used all kinds of diapers and the Honest diapers actually hold up really well, even better than Huggies Overnight! We have gone all night with a really really full diaper and no leaks. I was quite surprised myself for an eco diaper. :)

  3. Nadia

    January 26, 2012 at 9:20 pm

    Thank you so much for your comment Tabitha! That is great to know. Eco diapers don’t usually fare well in the absorbency department, so I’m impressed to hear this.

    Good to know ;).

  4. NaturalMama

    February 5, 2012 at 10:03 am

    I feel that a true environmentalist would not be “slugging” plastic diapers as they are terrible for the Earth. It is a travesty that people will sell these and market them as “healthy” and “better “, simply not true. I also feel these products are pricey and not worth it. Go online, there are far more better products with cheaper prices. She is using her fame and fortune to profit even further off of broke Americans.

    DIS-HONEST Company. Don’t buy these ridiculously expensive products just because a ex-actress/pin up model sells them, that IS the scam, folks! Why support the rich to make the richer? That would be an asinine choice. I don’t buy things based on if a woman is “pretty and popular”.

    Bottom line is, I spent 3 weeks online and found excellent, healthier quality products for way cheaper…do the math…duh!

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