Saranoni: Amazingly Soft & Luxurious Blankets For The Entire Family

There is nothing like snuggling up under a blanket in the winter months. The thing is, my kids have all the cuddly ones and mine are either woolen or cotton. Nothing wrong with wool or cotton blankets, but I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that I’ve lusted over my kids’ minky ones.

Saranoni is a new company that has included every member of the family with their line of luxurious minky blankets. Made from soft swirly, minky and satin, these plush and cuddly wonders are available in a variety of sizes. The mini is fantastic for babies and big enough to drape across a stroller or car seat.

One size up is the luscious 30 x 40 size which is ideal for a toddler. The Lavender Swirl/Chocolate Lush is amazing! Not only does it have the swirls on one side and soft lush on the other, it is framed by a 2 inch minky border. So you basically get three textures in one.

Saranoni has also just introduced a brand new size which is great for the toddler who has outgrown their blanket but large enough for teens. It also has the three textures and measures a generous 40 x 60.

And now, for my favorite. The Extra Large blanket from Saranoni is to die for…..and a little dangerous. See, the evenings are usually my work time, a window of opportunity to get some unfinished projects and contracts completed. If you do have things to do in the evenings, do NOT lie on the couch with this blanket because you will nod of faster then you can say boo. Although I adore it, I don’t recommend using it if you want to stay awake and upright ;).

Saranoni will be introducing a brand new Candy Apple Red and Hot Pink blanket on January 30th, just in time for Valentine’s Day and they will be marked down by 20% so keep your eyes peeled on their website for updates!

*Company sent sample for review.