Babiator: Protective BPA & Phthalate-Free Sunglasses For Kids

Do your children wear sunglasses on those sunny days of spring and summer (depending on where you live!)? Mine do – sometimes – but it wasn’t until recently that I actually learned why it is important for little eyes to be protected. According to Babiator – the creators of an adorable line of kids sunglasses – children’s eyes are just not fitted with the same UV protection that adults are. They need the protection that good sunglasses have in order to ward off future damage. It makes total sense, and I am grateful to have learned this so that I can jump on the shade train with my boys.

Babiator glasses are the perfect place to start. The lenses are made of acrylic and offer 100% protection from UVA and UVB rays, and parents can rest easy knowing that they are made of rubber and are therefore naturally BPA and phthalate-free! It is obvious that not only are Babiators completely safe and functional, but they a perfect accessory for a stylish little kid. A pair of bold glasses are the perfect finishing touch to any cute outfit.

I know it can be tempting to grab a cheap pair of sunglasses for our kids. They are often cute enough, and would appear to do the appropriate job of protecting their little eyes. The reality however,  seems that like all “cheap” goods, you are getting what you pay for in regards to quality!

Visit Babiator to view their complete line of sunglasses for ages 1 & up.