Chinese New Year 2012: Celebrate The Year Of The Dragon With Your Family


Happy New Year to those celebrating the Chinese New Year today! And for those not celebrating, what a perfect way to teach your children about the traditions of other cultures. I am a huge fan of this concept, and you can find my family enjoying a feast on the first night of Hannukah, Ramadan, Good Friday, Cinco de Mayo, Mardi Gras and more. My husband and I consider ourselves global citizens and we relish in any opportunity to share the foods, music, and beliefs of other cultures with our children.

Today we will put the spotlight on the Chinese New Year, which kicks off the year of the Dragon – the Water Dragon to be more specific – something that occurs only once every sixty years! The Dragon is the only mythological creature in the Chinese zodiac, and carries great optimism and promise for positive change. You can learn more about the dragon here.

The celebration, which lasts 15 days, is based on a different calendar than our modern Gregorian calendar. This calendar is based on lunar patterns, and is often referred to as the Lunar Calendar. The celebration is so huge, those in countries who honor the celebration as a nation are able to take ample time off work for the huge festivities!

Today we are sharing some Chinese New Year goodies to help you celebrate with your family.

Gung hay fat choy! 


Various Wrappers including Cupcakes, Stickers, Pinwheels ~ Outside the Box Desserts ~ $10 USD

Pork & Shrimp Pot Stickers ~ Steamy Kitchen

The Dragon New Year: A Chinese Legend (Chinese Legends Trilogy)

Chinese New Year Fan ~ Macaroni Kid

Nian Gao or Chinese New Year Cake via Disney Family Fun


Paper lantern craft ~ Explorica