Paper Doll Inspired Tees Allow Kids To Play Dress Up

Well now these are interesting!

Lotty Dotty is a company founded in 2009 by two American women living in Paris, France. They ladies were inspired by their childhood memories of playing with paper dolls and decided to create a line of high-fashion tees featuring screen printed doll figures that can be dressed interchangeably with velcro-backed mini outfits.

These unique tees are available in sizes from a child’s 4-10 and teen and adult sizes. Each one of Lotty Dotty’s tees are made from organic cotton and bamboo along with recycled materials.

So, what do you think of these new paper doll dress-up tees? Would you or your daughter be game to wearing something like this? It reminds me a little bit of Old Navy’s new tech line of clothing. Seems as though many companies are trying to integrate ‘something more’ in their designs.