Beautiful & Bald Barbie ~ The New Doll For Girls Coping With Cancer

There is something about saying the words cancer, and child in the same sentence that is heart-wrenching. Almost anyone would agree that imagining a child going through this is one of the greatest tragedies a family could face.

Many of you have likely heard of the Beautiful & Bald Facebook campaign started by Jane Bingham – a mother of one who is battling an incurable form of lymphoma. The campaign is targeted at Mattel, to create a Barbie doll that has no hair in order to both comfort young girls who are going through “cancer treatments, Alopecia or Trichotillomania” themselves, and for those whose mothers or other female family members are perhaps going through their own treatment.

Bingham recently received a You Tube video link from a friend sharing 11-year-old Miranda Finn singing a song titled, “Maybe I Can Change This World”. She reached out to Finn and and the song is now Beautiful & Bald Barbie’s theme song. Of the contribution Finn said, “I was so sad to hear about kids fighting cancer and going through so much, including losing their hair,” said Miranda Finn. “It makes me happy to think my song can make them smile.”

You can support the campaign via Facebook here and view Miranda Finn’s song “Maybe I Can Change This World” here.