Details On The New 2012 Canadian Car Seat Regulations

For those living in Canada, are you aware of the new Car Seat Regulations which came into effect on January 1/2012?

The Canadian government does regular testing of car seats to ensure our children are kept safe. The testing changes often due to new technological advances in equipment, and the most recent testing yielded some significant changes to the current regulations. The changes include the following:

  • a new testing requirement using a three-point seatbelt to secure car seats in vehicles;
  • changes to child seats’ dynamic testing to adopt most of the U.S. testing parameters;
  • changing the definition of an infant from 9 kg to 10 kg;
  • an increase in the maximum allowable weight limit of child seats from 22 kg to 30 kg;
  • introducing dynamic testing requirements for booster seats; and
  • allowing harnesses to be certified for use on school buses by special needs children.

Information provided via Transport Canada’s press release

Car seat manufacturers are were set to comply with the new guidelines by December 31st, 2011, and must include the National Safety Mark on their car seats if they are to be sold within Canada. You can learn more about the NSM here, and visit Transport Canada’s Keep Kids Safe website to ensure your child’s car seat it is up to par.