Kids Organic: Non-Toxic & Naturally Dyed Loungewear For Babes

Kids Organic Designs is what I like to call “loungewear for babes”. All of the pieces are dyed using a non toxic natural formula using plant leaves instead of roots, bark and wood, thus eliminating the need to kill the tree. Sustainability is evident with this company! Amazingly enough, the natural blues, reds, purples and browns are made using two vegetable dyes” indigo blue and Morinda red both from trees in Thailand.

By mixing the leaves with other natural ingredients such as Mohagany leaves, mango and others, the master dyers are able to manipulate the colors to create various shades. There are no graphics in this collection, everything is solid and in a two-way color tone.

Each piece of comfy loungewear is made from organic cotton, so they are incredibly soft and easy to take care of. There is plenty of room for movement, so they are great for play. Because each piece is so basic, they can be matched up with other pieces from your baby or child’s wardrobe.

Kids Organic sells their outfits separately or you can purchase full layette newborn sets (0-3 months) as well as wardrobe sets for toddlers and children up to the age of 3 years.

For more information, please visit their website.

*Samples were sent for review purposes from Rachel Florio PR.