Home By Novogratz: Our Exclusive Interview With Robert & Cortney Novogratz

Robert & Cortney Novogratz are a couple I hold in the utmost admiration. This stylish design duo has seven children and make their living by designing and remodelling interior spaces. Viewers in the USA have followed the Novogratz family over the last few years as they juggle various design projects while caring for their adorable brood.

Luckily for us Canadians, their brand new show “Home By Novogratz” is now airing in Canada. I had a chance to chat with the lovely couple last week and they dished on their family, new show, upcoming projects and even offered a few eye-opening tips for our readers looking to design their child’s room on a budget!

CM: Congratulations on your show Home By Novogratz’ arrival in Canada! I know many of us are excited to have you air in our country. Can you tell us a little bit about this season and what we can expect?

R&C Novogratz: “You will see us do a number of really cool design projects and makeovers. From a home for two surfing sisters in far Rockaway Beach, to a high-end apartment penthouse apartment in Murray Hill, several kids rooms in different locations (including a room for triplets!), our first retail store in LA, two school makeovers, (one involving NBA superstar Paul Pierce) and more.

We also offer our audience lots of takeaway ideas for their own homes, along with cool inspiration from style icons like Betsey Johnson and interviews with a wide range of artists whose work we use in various projects.”

CM: How is this show different from your original 9 By Design?

R&C Novogratz: “Our new show “Home By Novogratz” is more focused on design and less on our family life, although the kids definitely make guest appearances. This show is all about decor ideas the audience can try. We are still trying to inspire, so in that way both shows are similar.”

CM: Your new paint collection is stunning! Do you have any other plans on releasing additional home decorating products or supplies?

R&C Novogratz: “Thanks! Oh yes, we are definitely doing collection of  home decor. We will have a big announcement later in the year.”

CM: You have a large family of seven children and coming from a family of the same size, I am amazed and awed at how you have both been able to stay true to your passion and come up with inspiration and design incredible spaces. How have you been able to stay true to yourselves as well as your passions whilst parenting?

R&C Novogratz: “Our kids keep us young and inspire us. We learn from them every day. We also love what we do and we work together which makes it all a really great experience for us. Our office is in our home, so that allows us to be around the kids most of the time that we are working.”

CM: Are any of your children showing interest in design or decorating?

R&C Novogratz: “Some of them are for sure, others not so interested. We certainly encourage the kids to have an opinion on their own spaces, and we love to hear their ideas if they show interest in what we are doing.

CM: What would your basic tips be for parents looking to decorate their child or baby’s room on a budget?

R&C Novogratz: “The most important tip we would give is – do not go for a theme room. Kids outgrow that so quickly and don’t you want your child’s room to be as stylish as the rest of your house? You don’t need to have a big budget to have a fun kid’s room. Places like IKEA, Target and CB 2 are filled with high-design, inexpensive pieces, colourful accessories and great bedding that can make your child’s room chic and functional.

Hang some art as it really helps to pull the room together. It doesn’t have to be collectible, it can be family photographs, a poster, whatever looks good to you.

Get an inexpensive, colourful area rug, a place to put your child’s toys and things. You don’t need to fill the room up with a lot of stuff. Leave room for the child to play!”

CM: Any other new projects in the works that you would like to discuss?

R&C Novogratz: We are currently shooting Season Two of Home by Novogratz! In addition, we are working on a new book (this fall) and doing a number of very interesting projects (including our new home decor line). There are a few other things we can’t tell you about yet. But soon….

Home by Novogratz airs two shows back to back every Monday at 8 p.m. EST. For local listing times please visit HGTV Canada. To stay updated on the Novogratz’ projects and news, be sure to visit their website or follow them on Twitter.

{Photo Credit: The Novogratz for use on Child Mode}