Rentable Maternity Clothing: Saving Money & Look Stylish During Your Pregnancy

Fashion Forward Maternity

It has been quite some time since I was pregnant last, but I do remember being a little bit shocked – and very disappointed – in the limited maternity clothes available in shops in some of the smaller cities where I used to shop. For this reason, and for the sheer cost of maternity clothing, my friends/family and I would often pass on our big package of maternity clothes to one another once we were done.

I am sure we are not alone in this tradition – and I recently discovered that there is another option out there which will save you money, and allow you to still look stylish while expecting. Sites such as Mine for Nine, Fashion Forward Maternity, and Rent Maternity Wear allow you to “rent” maternity clothing and return it once you are done with it! They are all similar in concept but vary slightly. Some have a monthly fee in addition to the rental charge of the items, while some only charge a rental fee. Most offer free shipping as well!

The clothing available ranges from formal occasion dresses, (which is amazing because really, who wants to spend $100+ on a dress you will only wear once?), to more comfy options. Olian Maternity and Fierce Mamas are just two of designers that you can find listed – this should provide you with a good idea of the quality and stylish clothing available.

Along with Mine for Nine, Fashion Forward Maternity, and Rent Maternity Wear there are many different online shops feature “rentable” maternity clothing – a quick search will yield many results which can help determine the best option for your maternity clothing needs.