Who Knew Brushing A Child’s Tangly Hair Could Be ‘Ouchless’?

Certainly not me! As you know, I have two girls. One has silky hair that never tangles and the other has thick curly hair that seems to knot and tangle itself in a matter of minutes. Brushing her hair is something I do while on-the-go, as she is constantly running away from me, every time I even attempt the task.

I’ve been a fan of Goody’s products forever as they are the only hair products I use and have used since I was a child. When Goody contacted me a couple of months ago and asked whether we would be interested in testing out their new Ouchless Tanglefree Hairbrush. With words such as “Ouchless” and “Tangle-Free” attached, how could I have possibly said no?

Let me tell you, this brush is magic! It doesn’t matter how tangled my daughter’s hair is, it glides through without pulling and detangles her hair better than any spray-on detangler I’ve tried. The bristles on this brush are designed in such a way as to allow for easy release when becoming stuck in knots or tangles.

I purchased the kid-sized version shortly after receiving the product sample as my eldest daughter won’t let me touch her hair with any other brush.

This new addition to the Goody product line-up can be found in most drugstores or pharmacies in the United States and Canada, however if you are having trouble locating the product, our affiliate Amazon.com sells both the regular and child-sized version.