The Lululemon Addiction ~ The Best Workout Clothes On The Market (No Joke)

OK, I’m laying it out there – I’m addicted to Lululemon.

For those of you familiar with the brand, surely you can’t blame me. The designs, the out of this world fabrics, way the clothes make you look amazing simply by wearing them, those darn shopping bags covered in this beautiful manifesto that inspires you. Inspires you to get your Yoga on, workout more, run, become a better person, buy more Lululemon….

In all seriousness and for those of you who aren’t familiar with this blessed company, Lululemon makes workout clothes like none other.

Last month, I got myself back into a workout regime and picked up a few things – hoodies, pants, tanks, dance pants, etc. Those clothes not only perform well, they withstand rigorous training, sweat, machine washes and dries without shrinkage. I have been a fan of theirs for 4 years, but always wore their pieces when doing Yoga or other stretching exercises and never put them through the running/dancing/cardio test until last month.

There IS a con with Lululemon’s pieces – they are expensive. I gladly pay the price because I know how long they last and how well they as well as their colors hold up regardless of how much stress I put them through. I’ve had my Groove Pants for 4 years and wore them through 2 pregnancies, countless runs, bikes and more and guess what? In that same time I’ve gone through 4 pairs of Victoria’s Secret Yoga pants, each of which cost me $29.99, so in the end, had I just stuck with Lulu I would have saved myself some cash.

KSDK just covered the line in an article today. Robert Ferguson calls the brand a ‘luxury product’ and says that Lululemon is one of the best new growth stories he’s seen. Also, it seems to be a good company to buy shares of stock from ;).

If getting fit and healthy in 2012 is one of your New Year’s resolutions, or if you are like me and trying to rid yourself of the last few baby pounds, I highly recommend checking out Lululemon. They will change the way you feel and perform!