Lunch Punch: Brilliant & Fun Sandwich Cutters For Playful Eaters

Lunch Punch is a brilliant company I was introduced to during the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville last year. Kiersten, the inventor of these neat little cutters decided to create the Lunch Punch in order to encourage her three boys to simply sit down and eat, but they were more interested in playing then anything else. After wasting too much bread with cookie cutters, butter knives and kitchen scissors Kiersten invented a cutter that uses most of the bread and transforms a child’s sandwich into something fun.

Before I had kids I swore up and down that they would eat their crusts, but sadly that fantasy of mine has yet to come true and regardless of how I dress the sandwich, both of my girls refuse to eat their crusts. We tested out the new “Sweet” set of Lunch Punch cutters today and needless to say both girls were thrilled. So much so, they had 3 sandwiches each. A little too eager perhaps? We’ll see if they are hungry at dinner time because three sandwiches? Really?!


As you can see, even kids can make their own sandwiches and snacks with this neat little invention. It would make a great activity for a kids’ party or get together.

The Lunch Punch cutters come in a wide variety of styles and can be used for sandwiches, fairybread, toast, cakes, cookies, egg-in-the-hole and so much more. The best feature of these cutters is that they are designed to use as much of the bread as possible, thus eliminating waste. They are also made from ABS FDA certified food grade plastic, are BPA free, lead free, mercury free, phthalate free and are dishwasher safe. Did I mention they are fully recyclable?

Price: $14.50 from our affiliate Amazon.com.