The Book Bed: Sleep In An Open Book With This Amazing Creation!

Recently while perusing the internet I stumbled on the most adorable bed – one designed to appear as a huge open book. Upon more research I discovered that the bed, called The Book Bed, was created by photographer Yusuke Suzuki and was designed to open and close allowing for more room during daytime hours, and a huge space for co-sleeping during nighttime hours.

Each “page” is actually a sheet, allowing for multiple levels of blanket sharing, and a bit of a fort for daytime fun. Overall The Book Bed looks like it would be great for everyone in the family, and according to one source, Suzuki created the bed specifically for her own co-sleeping family.

Though many will wish that this is available for purchase, it appears that at this point, it is simply the creative brainchild of an inspired and creative photographer. We will certainly keep you updated if such a bed hits the market!

Source: My Modern Met