Winter Solstice: The History Behind It & Some Family Activities To Celebrate


Happy Winter Solstice!

This week is jam packed with celebrations! Hanukkah kicked of on Tuesday, Christmas is on Sunday, and today is another important date – it is the celebration of Winter Solstice! What exactly is the Winter Solstice? First a little bit of science and history!

The Winter Solstice is an event that occurs when the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere is on it’s Axial Tilt farthest away from the Sun than it is any other time of the year. This makes for the shortest day of our calendar year. A late sunrise, and an early sunset. For a more thorough description of why the Winter Solstice occurs, visit EarthSky.org. (A bit of Trivia: Another word for Winter Solstice is Yule! Sound familiar?)

The Winter Solstice is believed to date back to the Stone Age (Neolithic Age), when the inhabitants of the Earth relied on the patterns of the Sun to determine how they would nourish themselves. It is has been an important date throughout history as a time to celebrate the fact that nourishment was just around the corner, after the hardships suffered with little food during the cold months.

There are different traditions celebrated around the Northern Hemisphere, but for today we wanted to share some fun ideas for crafts and more for you and your little one to celebrate yourself at home! Have a wonderful Winter Solstice!


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