Zarbees: The All-Natural Cough Medicine For Kids That Actually Works

A couple of months ago I was given a sample of Zarbees, a new cough medicine that is marketed for children. My kids weren’t sick at the time, so I was unable to try it until recently. A couple of weeks ago my girls came down with a terrible case of the flu which then proceeded to turn into a wicked cough. To be honest, I held off using the medicine as I’m not a fan of medication and prefer to use all-natural remedies instead.

If I hadn’t been so immediately dismissive and actually looked at the ingredients I would have seen that Zarbees is in fact natural with a very short ingredient list. The ingredients consist of buckwheat honey, water Vitamin C, natural flavors, tartaric acid, zinc gluconate, malic acid and plant extract. Not bad!

Zarbees is everything you want in a cough syrup. Thanks to the Vitamin C, it boosts your immune system and the honey sooths your child’s throat. It is drug-free there are no refined sugars or dye and it’s even gluten-free. Smart!

Not only does it do an excellent job calming their throats, but my kids love the flavour and prefer the texture to our usual cough syrup from Chinatown, which is incredibly thick and dark. I am so pleased with this stuff that you better believe we’ll be switching.

Even though this is an American brand, it is readily available in Canada! Thankfully, my local drugstore carries Zarbees and I’ve also seen it in Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Ontario.