Love Instagram? Let Me Introduce You To StickyGram

My name is Nadia Carriere and I am an Instagram addict. There, I said it. Yes, like so many others out there, I am hopelessly addicted to the photography/social media app Instagram. I use to to take pictures of my kids, shots of interesting objects, views, travel shots, you name it. The filters are amazing, the photos always look spectacular and because of this I tend to use the app more often then the regular camera feature on my iPhone.

The problem with Instagram, is the printing situation. You can’t get these shots printed at just any online digital print shop. There are a few who do it now, but they tend to be pricey.

StickyGram is a new company that turns your Instagram feed into magnets. Oh Santa Dear….

Everyone of those beautiful shots can now be turned into a fridge magnet and the pricing is fantastic. $14.99 for a pack of 9 and free shipping worldwide.

If you or someone you know is a iPhoneography addict, this would make a fantastic gift idea!