Best Gifts For Kids: 2011 Gift Guide Picks

We’ve already given you our favorite picks for boys and girls, but wanted to provide you with a gender-neutral list of gifts for kids. Here are our absolute favorite gifts for kids this holiday season!

1. Little Pim

Do you want your child to learn a new language? Little Pim is adorable, cute, fun and educational! The program can be purchased in up to 10 different languages and consists of DVD sets, musical CDs, flash cards and other goodies, all of which can be purchased individually or separately.

Price varies. All of the products above can be purchased directly through Little Pim.

2. Putumayo Kids

My friend Elina Furman (aka A-List Mom) got me hooked on these CDs earlier this year. My kids are obsessed (really and truly Ob-sessed) with Putumayo Kids. There are so many different styles to choose from – acoustic, classical, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Multi-cultural, etc.

Although the songs are for children, the music is very pleasant to listen to and parents, I’m warning you… you may get hooked!

Price: $14.96 each from Putumayo

3. Uncle Milton Moon in my Room

Bring the Moon right into your room with this authentically detailed 3-D lunar landscape. It hangs on the wall and shows 12 main phases of the moon. Shuts off automatically.

Price: $15.49 from our affiliate Amazon.com

4. Stockmar Crayons

I have officially found the ultimate crayon! Made in Germany, Stockmar crayons go on smooth and each and every color is extremely vibrant. Made from beeswax with non-toxic color fast pigments, these crayons allow your child to create various art effects that are not possible with regular crayons. To give an example: because of the natural transparency of the beeswax, Stockmar crayons can be layered. Love them!

Price: $16.99 from our affiliate Amazon.com

5. GameChanger Game Board for iPad

This super neat electronic game board turns your iPad into a board game that interacts with you. You can have up to 4 players and the pack includes two games: Animal Mania and Magic School Bus. My family and I attended the Chicago Toy and Game Fair last month and my youngest daughter did not want to leave their booth. She loves this game!

Price: $79.95 from Apple.com