Best Places In The USA To Experience The Polar Bear Express

We’ve all read the beloved book The Polar Bear Express , or at the very least, seen The Polar Express movie featuring Tom Hanks. Until just recently I wasn’t aware of an amazing real-life experience that takes on your very own Polar Express train journey!

All over the US there are opportunities for your family to book your tickets and hop on board the train to experience what it would be like on a real trip up to the North Pole to see Santa in person. How neat is that? Below we have rounded up the Best 5 Places in the US to Experience the Polar Express!

1. Polar Express ~ Williams, Arizona

Enjoy yummy treats of hot chocolate and cookies while you trek through the wilderness heading to the “North Pole”. Kids will love this no doubt, especially when they get to have a personal encounter with Santa Claus who will be ready with gift in hand!

2. Great Smoky Mountain Railroad Polar Express ~ Cryson City, North Carolina

If you have had the pleasure of visiting North Carolina, than you can probably imagine how gorgeous of a train ride this would be regardless of the extra fun. Little children (and big children!) are encouraged to wear their pyjamas on this trip through the Great Smoky Mountains.

3. Michigan Steam Ride North Pole Express ~ Owosso, Michigan

Michigan is a gorgeous state, and the North Pole Express takes you through some lovely areas and is jam packed with activities for the little ones. There are crafts, treats, visits with Santa, and live entertainment too!

4. Adirondack Polar Express ~ Utica, New York

My husband has been pushing for a trip to the Adironacks for ages – and after hearing about the Polar Express train, I’m thinking the winter season may be the best time to go! This fun ride is very similar in experience to that of North Carolina’s, not to be missed!

5. California State Railroad Museum Polar Express ~ Sacramento, California

Be entertained while you wait to board the train, and then enjoy yummy treats on board served by dancing waiters! Kids are encouraged to wear their pyjamas here as well, and will receive a present from Santa himself on this one-hour ride.

There many other options available for a Polar Express experience, be sure to check out your area to see what’s available – but don’t miss out on the 5 places above and if you are planning on taking a trip, book your tickets now!

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