The Best Christmas Stockings: Family Favorites & New Styles

Pottery Barn Kids ~ Fairisle Stockings ~ $24.82 USD

Lately I have been coming across many tweets and blog posts about people preparing their homes for Christmas. Some love it – others don’t. Some wait until close to Christmas day to decorate, others, such as myself, jump at the opportunity to have shimmery lights twinkling in my living room in mid-November.

When it comes to Christmas decorating, I have pretty classic taste. I like white lights, (I even tested out colored for a week but just couldn’t do it!) and a streamlined color scheme. I’ve done silver and blue, silver and red, and this year I have a lovely mix of bronze and gold.

When it comes to stockings, I like the idea that my children will have one stocking their whole lives and always remember it – but realistically, I have had a couple different ones in rotation. Plus, there are SO MANY amazing stockings now available, it is easy to deviate from your standard red sock white topper.

Today we have searched around and are sharing a round-up of our favorite classic, modern, fun, and vintage ideas for stockings for your home. It’s time to hang your stockings by the chimney with care… and we hope this helps you get there!


La Fortune Linens ~ Large Christmas Stockings ~ $18.50 USD/Each


Nana Montana ~ Seafoam Vintage/Burlap stockings ~ $73.99


Pottery Barn ~ Pollie Bird Stocking ~ $28.49 USD


The Burlap Boutique ~ Set of 5 Family Stockings ~ $135 USD

Silhouette Shop ~ Custom Silhouette Felt Christmas Stocking ~ $30.00 USD

Sunshine Daydream 4 You ~ Custom Christmas Stocking ~ $29.95 USD


Solographic ~ Personalized Christmas Stocking ~ £9