What We’re Collecting: Beyblades – A Must For Any Boy This Holiday Season!

Beyblades are at the top of my 7 yr old son’s list this holiday season. From the first time he saw these he was hooked!

The tops themselves are very cool. They remind me of battle tops that my brothers played with when we were kids. It’s rare for toys today to call forth that nostalgia. The metal construction, precision nature and high tech launchers make me think of a time when more toys were made well. When quality mattered.

What I also like about Beyblades are the stories that go with. It’s not just a cool top. It’s the portal to another world.

I’ve watched my son get swept away by the world of fantasy before. He fell in love with his Pokemon toys and cards because of the stories and characters that went with. He’s not lacking for imagination in any way, but attaching a world, characters and stories to a toy opens up a whole new layer of play for him and his friends. Suddenly it’s not just choosing a top to spin – it’s engaging in a fantasy battle between two mighty opponents. They’re part of the drama being played out in the Beystadium. In their own living room. And I don’t think I have to say this, but I will: I’d much rather watch my son and his friend’s tops duke it out, than watch them kick the crap out of each other. Maybe that makes me a wimpy boy mom. But I’m taking baby steps. I’m fine with the battling now. As long as it’s the Beyblades doing it!

I should point out that the backstory is not needed for these toys to be fun. They are fun on their own. I’ve yet to watch any of the shows, but I too enjoy playing with them. The “rip” and “whrrr” of a speeding top are quite satisfying. I love to launch the Beyblades with the pistol launcher. There. I’ve admitted it! It’s kind of irresistible.

I’m pretty sure that my son will treasure his Beyblades collection forever. It’s something he’ll put away and pull out again over the years, and possibly show to his own kids.

For this reason Beyblades are high priority on our holiday gift list. Next up… a better case to store them in!

Price: Varies depending on the set. The Beyblades Metal Masters Triple Battle Set pictured above retails for $39.99 through our affiliate Amazon.com

*Company sent sample for review purposes.