Best Gifts For Boys: 2011 Holiday Gift Guide Picks

1. Perplexus

If someone were to ask me, what toy I would pick for “Toy of the Year”, the Perplexus would hands down be on the very top of that list. Available in 3 difficulty levels, this amazing maze game is composed of various challenging tracks with 100 barriers. The goal is to work with gravity to shift, flip and twist the sphere to guide the marble. It’s fun for the whole family!

Price: $24.99 (on sale through our affiliate Amazon.com for $17.00)

2. Razor BoGo

You know the infamous Razor Scooter? They’ve come out with their very own updated Pogo stick dubbed – the BoGo. Everyone’s favorite pogo stick has received a facelift with this new toy. Thanks to the patented bow-assist spring (a new innovation from Raxor) your kid will be bouncing for hours.

Price: $89.99 (on sale through our affiliate Amazon.com for $63.99)

3. Ultra Stomp Rocket

This toy was all the rage at the Chicago Toy Fair and for good reason. All your kid has to do is stomp on the launch pad and the foam tipped rocket is sent up to 200 ft in the air. It’s amazing to watch and super fun for everyone. No batteries, propellant or harmful chemicals are needed or used – just human-powered compressed air.

Price: $19.99 through Amazon.com

4. Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

Just a little warning about this helicopter: If you do end up purchasing one, chances are your husband will be mighty jealous. My husband put THIS on his wish list this year. Nothing more, nothing less. All he wants is a radio-controlled helicopter.

Price: $129.99 (on sale for $27.94 from Amazon.com)

5. Beyblades

This could very well be one of the hottest toys of the season, according to the purchasing track record of parents. Read our full review on this toy here.

Price varies depending on the set. Available in most toy stores.