Crazy for MadPax ~ The Spiky Backpacks That Are All The Rage!

The first time I saw Madpax I think my eyeballs popped out of my head, cartoon style.


Cartoon style is a good description of these fabulous backpacks. They look straight out of an animated adventure and that is just the start of what makes them so cool.

These spiky backpacks are sturdy and well constructed. Tough enough for a 7 year old boy to toss around. Fab enough for his teenaged sister to want to steal. Multiple compartments, a padded back and well padded shoulder straps (plus chest strap reinforcements) means they are comfortable to wear.

The spikes on these packs are soft and not at all dangerous. They just look bad. Bad in the good way.

MadPax make an awesome and thoughtful holiday gift for almost any kid on your list. They come in a variety of sizes and styles (choose from lunch box, toddler and big kid sizes).

Note: It’s not often I say this about my 7 year old son’s gear, but I’d nip this pack from him and wear it myself in a second if I thought he’d let me. My mac notebook fits inside his backpack perfectly. Not that I checked, while secretly hoping he’d reject this bag (no chance of that – he’s the envy of the entire 2nd grade).

No fair! I want one too!

Which brings me to another suggestion…. These bags would make awesome diaper bags.

If you’re ready for some eye popping style and ready to move beyond boring bags, check out Madpax. You won’t be sorry!

Disclosure: MadPax supplied a backpack for review. Now I have to buy three more!