Here’s What We Think Of Disney’s New FamilyFun Kids Magazine

FamilyFun is a magazine we’ve been subscribed to for quite some time now and if you know me, you’ll understand that in itself is a big deal. I’m not fond of magazines as I do most of my reading online, however there are 4 favourites I love and adore, ones that I subscribe to year after year and Family Fun is one of them.

I was recently approached by Disney to check out their latest magazine, a kids’ version of FamilyFun and was excited about the new addition. The original FamilyFun is filled with inspiration and ideas for parents who are looking for ideas to entertain and stimulate their kids. This one is for the kids.

I wasn’t expecting anything but a brown paper envelope with a magazine enclosed, so you can imagine my surprise when a huge box was delivered to my door – one from FamilyFun.

Not only was the magazine included, but Disney also sent over a bunch of art supplies to complete several of the crafts in the magazine. Smart no?

So far, we’ve completed a balloon project as well as this glittery snowflake. My kids were excited about the snowflake because we hadn’t had a snow fall. Funny enough, the day after we made this we had a huge snowfall. Ask and you shall receive….

Anyways, back to the magazine. Geared towards children ages 6 to 12, it is chock full of games, puzzles, crafts and food ideas that encourage your child’s creative abilities. The projects are fun, quick and easy, and most of them can be completed with items found around your house.

Another bonus – it’s ad free! There are no ads cluttering up the pages, it is 100% pure fun. Like Disney’s FamilyFun magazine, FamilyFun Kids is affordable and runs at $23.94 per year.

For a free preview or for more information on the magazine, click here.