Little Alouette: Handmade Toys Made From Locally Sourced Wood

I recently attended an event in New York City where I had the pleasure of meeting many lovely bloggers/writers. Having been a writer on Child Mode for quite some time, and working previous to that in other areas of the blogosphere, I had heard many of these names before. One in particular was Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette.

Little Alouette is a company run by Amy and her husband, a carpenter by trade, who welcomed two children together and began crafting handmade wooden toys out of locally sourced wood. Each item, if not left unfinished wood, is coated with non-toxic and natural flax seed oil.

Their lineup of toys include teethers, rocking horses, developmental toys, and more. The teething toys come in a wide variety of styles including a classic “O” shape, a vintage looking Owl, and a Star/Moon combo all at super reasonable prices, especially considering they are American-made.

My favorite product made by Little Alouette is without a doubt the “Rocking Horse” which in actuality is a Guitar Rocking mechanism. It is simply stunning to look at, and so clever. It would be the perfect gift as well!

Visit Little Alouette to view their complete collection and start stocking up now for holiday gifts.


Heidi Oran

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  1. ATS

    November 24, 2011 at 10:26 am

    THANK YOU so so much xoxoxo

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