6 Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas For The Kids’ Table

The Kids Table ~ One Charming Party

One more week until the big day! Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, and if you’re a procrastinator like me, you are in the mid-stage of planning your menu and decorations. I love scouring the internet gathering ideas on how to add a personal touch to my table, or perhaps try a twist on an old recipe.

Last week we shared some great Thanksgiving craft ideas, and today, we wanted to provide you with a little table-top inspiration. It is amazing to see what some of the creative minds of bloggers, decorators, and party-planners are up to!

Some of these ideas are more for the children’s table, others are a bit more fancy, but either way, it will help your Thanksgiving table look gorgeous! Nothing better than sitting down to a beautiful meal at an equally beautiful table.

Lisa Storms via Fiskar


The Hostess Blog


Martha Stewart


RizyBee via Pinterest



Heidi Oran

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