Review: Nuka Maternity ~ Luxurious Apparel For Expecting Moms

During my BabyMoon in New York City a few months ago, my friend Julia Beck from the amazing Forty Weeks tipped me off on this fabulous company, and let me tell you it could very well have been the best tip I received.

Nuka Maternity is a luxury line of maternity wear that transforms the way you feel – I’m not kidding you.  I don’t know if it was because I was overdue, or the heat was driving me mad, but during the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy I was miserable and nothing I mean NOTHING fit.

During the very end of my pregnancy, Nuka Maternity sent me one of their Silk Maxi Dresses and I received it during my 39th week. After opening the package I sighed because the garment was made of the most beautiful silk. It was light as a feather, non-transparent and had the most deliciously delicate sleeves. Not something I would consider wearing ‘just because’ especially during my pregnancy, because… well it was just so gorgeous!

I was a little worried that it wouldn’t fit, but threw caution to the wind and decided to dress up for the day. This dress transformed the way I felt that day and every day after that (it also altered my mood in a positive way, to my husband’s utter delight). I wore the dress to beach, to the park, while cooking dinner, everywhere (making sure to hand wash it every evening and hung to dry). The silk felt like liquid air and made me feel lighter and happier, something that I didn’t think possible at 39 and 40 weeks.

don’t know how they do it, but Nuka’s garments fit like non other. That dress felt custom made and believe it or not, I wore it again a couple of weeks ago to a red carpet event post-partum and it was just as flattering as it was when I was pregnant (even after having lost 25 lbs).

Nuka’s quality is reflected in their prices. Yes they are quite pricey, but after having three children, I’ve come to a certain realization –  moms need a little pampering too. Something as simple as a dinner to a nice restaurant, a walk, or yes an amazing dress can transform the way you feel and lift your spirits. And tell me, what mom doesn’t deserve that?

*Disclosure: Nuka sent me this dress for review purposes. The review and bragging above are 100% mine. I am truly head over heels in love with this company!