Rebrickable Gives New Life To Old Legos

It’s official – my children have hit the Lego stage. Everywhere I turn I see little bright blocks and, and yes, I have been known to vacuum up a piece or two despite my best efforts to keep them off the ground. Most of my friends with children the same age are knee deep in these blocks as well!

Speaking from a learning perspective, I am truly thrilled that my boys are loving the blocks. They really allow for little minds to be creative thanks to the versatility of the little blocks. We were lucky enough to inherit a HUGE box of multiple sets so there are plenty shapes and sizes to work with. The only downside is that we often see sets at the store and my kids want to build at home, but are a bit tricky for me with no instructions or picture to look at.

Problem solved! I recently learned of the new website called Rebrickable. It is an AMAZING site that allows you to input your your parts and/or theme set ID and provides you with instructions on new Lego projects that you can build. Kids will have a blast with this with a little help from parents. They don’t yet have every set in their database, but they already boast over 6000 sets and over 1,000,000 parts total.

You will not believe the detail put into this project until you see it with your own eyes. Visit Rebrickable here for details.


Source: Inhabitots