Shekabe Boutique On Etsy: Bright, Bold & Retro Digs For Kids

I frequently end up checking out girls clothing while on Etsy. It gets me every time. Perhaps because I don’t have a daughter myself, I get a little lost in the idea of adorable outfits that are mini versions of what I would pick to wear myself. And as a girl, the only thing I wore were dresses until age 7 or 8. With all the handmade goodness that Etsy brings, the unique and oftentimes classic style clothing makes me swoon.

Upon discovering the adorable dresses and pants handmade by Shekabe Boutique, using super high quality fabric (how refreshing!), I instantly fell in love. From the cut of the design, to the fabric patterns used, they scream cute! The designer Desiree Walsh has been sewing for most of her life, so you can be sure that the product itself is of the highest overall quality.

Some of the dresses are solid in bold colours and patters, but Walsh likes to mix up the styles by using a bold fabric and accompanying the look with polkadots. The end result are comfy looking, yet stylish dresses which double for tunics as well!

The ruffle pants (pictured above) offer a nod to the 70’s with their retro design and can be customized by choosing from an assortment of available fabrics.

Visit Shekabe Boutique on Etsy to view more of the line including which includes Fall and Christmas inspired dresses.