Handcrafted, Upcycled & Adorable: Unique Gifts From Cambria Laine

If you’re looking for a truly special treat for your little one this fall, or for those of you with your eye on some early holiday shopping, these hand-sewn soft soled genuine leather Mary-Janes from Cambria Laine are going to be hard to top.

Every product sold by Cambria Laine is upcycled and handcrafted.  Whether its shoes made from a supple jacket no longer worn or garden markers made from antique flatware long since discarded, you’ll be absolutely charmed by their collection.

The delicate upcycled leather barrettes are simply adorable and can be matched with the shoes or purchased separately in colors such as raspberry, purple, black, brown, red, pink or blue, cream, or yellow.

With so much out there that’s faux and disposable, it’s refreshing to find well-made products crafted by hand from high quality materials. These adorable gift ideas are eco-friendly and chic to boot!