Stella McCartney Kids Glows In The Dark For Halloween

Halloween costumes have pretty much been figured out in our household. My daughters were pretty easy (they are going as Rapunzel #1 and Rapunzel #2), but  my 6 week old son will most likely stay home while his sisters trick or treat. Not wanting to exclude him from any dress up fun, I searched around for outfits that could be worn both during and after the holidays as it seemed like a waste to buy an entire costume for such a youngin’. Luckily there are quite a few options that are both adorable and classy enough to wear throughout the year.

Stella McCartney has taken the whole concept of Halloween fashions and come up with a small selection of 9 different glow-in-the-dark pieces. Available in infant and child sizes, the ‘Georgie’ shirt is made from organic cotton and displays a glow-in-the-dark line drawing of a friendly ghost.

‘Lara’ and ‘Gracie’ are grey organic tees with a fun polka dotted deer print that glows in the dark and then there is ‘Lewis’ and ‘Jimbo’, a royal blue tee and baby all-in- one that has the same glowing deer print displayed across the front.

The tees are alright and I do think the deer print would look quite cute in the dark but what appeals to me the most are the ‘Peanut’ kids socks. Striped, glow in the dark socks – how perfect would that be for Halloween?