Introducing gStyle By gDiapers: Coordinating Baby Fashions With Diapers

If you don’t know about gDiapers yet, get ready for a new obsession!  Not only are they  one of the most eco-friendly diapers available, they are well-fitting and absolutely adorable.  This brand new diaper concept will have you hooked from day one whether you opt for the biodegradable disposables that can be tossed straight into your compost bin (I know!) or go for the super-soft reusable option.

But gDiapers aren’t just great for the environment.  They’re also colorful and fun and now offer coordinating tops and dresses to go with those very stylish bottoms, found under the moniker gStyle. We have fallen for the feminine gStyle flutter print, available in an adorable dress to perfectly match the durable and comfortable gPant diaper cover.

And for the boys in your house, you’ll adore the boyish camper pant with it’s coordinating screen printed mountain-scene top.  There really isn’t much that’s cuter on a a little bum than prim and proper plaid!

We are really loving the new matchy, match concept with this new collection and think it will be a big hit especially when spring comes around. gDiapers has created a real innovative product concept with these.

Just one more company jumping on the ‘Designer Diaper’ band wagon ;).