Apple’s iPad Becomes A Virtual Play Mat With Disney’s New AppMATes

Leave it to Disney to turn the iPad into a virtual play mat! Just last week the company introduced the new Disney AppMATes™ Mobile Application Toys, a new toy line that comes to life digitally when used with an Apple iPad by allowing kids to use the tablet’s screen as a virtual play mat. Using patent-pending technology, the Appmates Cars 2 toy line consists of miniature cars with sensors on the bottom of each car. These sensors work with the app without any need for cables or Bluetooth connection and provide play experiences specific to each character.

Simply download the free Cars 2 Appmates app from the iTunes app store, place your favorite Appmates toy character on the screen and play. The toys are available in two-packs ($19.99) through retailers such as Apple Store, Apple Store online, Disney Store and DisneyStore.com.

The four characters: Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater, Finn McMissile, and Holley Shiftwell will be joined by two additional characters in November— Francesco Bernoulli and Shu Todoroki.