Visit The New Treetop Trail At The Philadelphia Zoo!

If the Philadelphia Zoo, which boasts the distinction of being America’s very first zoo, isn’t already on your list of must-visit places, you’ll be running to add it after you hear about their amazing new feature: The Treetop Trail.

Featuring approximately 700 feet of flexible tunnels made out of stainless steel mesh, this attraction allows children of all ages (even grown-up ones with names like “mom” and “dad”) observe a diverse array of small primates moving from one environment of the zoo to another directly overhead. Just imagine the excitement of watching lemurs, mangabeys, and titi monkeys exploring the maze throughout the day at their leisure!

This system of enclosed trails, while memorable for us visitors, is also for the benefit of the animals.  As they exercise their bodies and minds exploring new environments, they’ll be able to feast their eyes on a host of interesting and diverse visual stimuli.

“This new exhibit helps the Philadelphia Zoo carry out its goal as a place of dynamic design and extraordinary innovation that allows the animals to experience new habitats and activities within flexible and convertible spaces,” says Jeremy Nowak, President,William Penn Foundation in a press release.

Enjoy this short video and take a look at this slideshow to see more photos of this fabulous new attraction.  Now all that’s left is for you to book your trip!