The Deets On Orbit’s New Double Helix Stroller Plus Good News For G2 Owners!

Every year at the ABC Kids Expo, I have found the stroller category to be the most overwhelming. There is just too much to see with all the new features, colours, doubles, singles, lightweights, joggers – you name it. Last year, the biggest highlight in the stroller category had to be the Bugaboo Donkey. Bugaboo’s very first double with some amazing features.

This year though I have to say that the Orbit Double Helix™ definitely ‘wins’ in the double sector. Known for their innovative designs and amazing functionality, Orbit has come up with something really incredible.

This stroller is the very first that offers front-and-back seats that can be reconfigured in numerous ways. Each seat also rotates 360 degrees so that children can jump in before you lock them into place. The push is smooth and comfortable, but what else would you expect with 6 wheels and 24 QuadShock™ shock absorbers?

If you have one child and are planning on adding to your family later on, this stroller also converts to a single stroller! The Helix™ is the only premium double stroller that offers an upgrade kit, ensuring that current Orbit Baby Stroller G2 owners can turn theirs into a double as well.

Definitely expect a higher price point on this baby (price to be determined) which is set to hit stores for Spring 2012.

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  1. jamie g

    October 10, 2011 at 11:08 am

    Don’t you just love it? ;) I was told by Orbit that they’re trying to get the price point for the Double Helix Kit below $200–very cool for parents who already have the G2.

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