Best of Pottery Barn Kids’ Halloween Costumes – Fall 2011

As a mom of girls for over 10 years, I’ve got more than my share of tulle and glitter and tiaras spilling out of our costume bins.  Purple and pink and even brighter pink is everywhere I look!  Is it any wonder then that this year I’m drawn to the fluffy costumes instead?  To the ones with the quirky colors and the silly eyes?

Well, Pottery Barn Kids has launched its Halloween 2011 costumes and I could not be more excited by the selection!

Just look at this darling Baby Lamb Costume. Cute, practical, and wearable by either a boy or a girl.  It’s hard to go wrong with a cozy costume like this!

Speaking of adorable barnyard animals, I am also smitten by this friendly-faced Puffy Cow Costume.

Those big eyes and that rounded belly are just too cute for words.  If they made this in adult sizes, I might not be able to resist the urge to turn the whole family into our own little herd herd!

And if your kids love Eric Carle’s fun and colorful children’s books as much as mine do, they are sure to be excited about Pottery Barn’s cheerful Very Hungry Caterpillar costume.

Available in baby, toddler, and child size, is perfect for boys or girls, and reminds them of a favorite story.  What more could a mom ask for?  A definite winner in my book.

Or maybe you’re in the mood for something a little less cutesy and a little more fierce?  This Kids Shark Costume should fit the bill.

The thick durable fabric means this costume will stand up to a lot of wear and tear.  Plus, it helps the all-important dorsal fin stay in an upright position for maximum sharky effect.

And for fierceness in a smaller size, their Baby Girl Monster Costume is not to be missed.

Lemon yellow fur and pale pink eyeshadow?  Yes please.  Now mommy’s little monster can be a REAL little monster!

Peruse their whole collection to pick your favorites, but be sure place your order before October 25th for guaranteed delivery by Halloween.

Photo credits: Pottery Barn Kids