Little Froglet Designs The Perfect Hoodie For Kids

There is one particular fashion brand that I am a huge fan of. Their hoodie is one of my favorite pieces in their entire line because the zip goes all the way up to your chin – keeping your neck warm – and there are are thumb holes to keep your hands warm during runs. When I first purchased the sweater I remember thinking “why on earth aren’t they making theses for toddlers?” Well, now someone has!

With its ‘scuba’ style hood that actually stays on your child’s head, Little Froglet’s hoodies are also equipped with thumb-holes on the sleeves, designed to keep your child’s hands warm without getting in the way of playtime. The sweaters double as a lightweight coat making them are perfect for year-round wear.

The hoodie come in 3 colors: Vroom! a dark blue for boys, Soar!, a gender neutral brown, and Twirl!, a red complete with girly details.

Price: $45.00 from Little Froglet

*Company sent a sample for review purposes.*