Rocking Forward With The Twin Friendly So-Ro Cradle

Have you heard of the so-ro cradle? The company showed off their innovative Scandinavian design at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville last weekend and oh what a beauty it is! Unlike traditional cradles, this contemporary wooden cradle was designed to rock with a forward/backward motion as opposed to the traditional side to side.

The reason for the switch? Ane Lillian Tveit, an occupational therapist who studied neurology, discovered that the forward motion was much more soothing for a baby. This actually makes quite a bit of sense if you think about it, as when we rock our own children it is usually back and forth. For sensitive babies, this type of motion can induce dizziness and discomfort.

There are three levels of elevation at the head of the crib which helps to maintain a unobstructed environment around the baby’s head. It also helps with infants suffering from a cold or stuffy nose. Produced by FPI Baltic in Lithuania, the so-ro cradle is made from plywood Baltic birch and is available in either American walnut or laminated white.

There is a high level of safety with this crib as well as it can only be turned over when one end is lifted.

Celebrities such as Ali Landry, Tori Spelling and Jason Bateman have already picked up cradles for their little ones. Please visit so-ro for more information.

Price: $800 (single) or $1200 (twin)