Clementine Art: Natural Art Supplies Made From Vegetables, Spices & Soy (Really!)

We love doing crafts around my house. We paint, make homemade playdough, and can be found almost daily cutting and gluing something. I keep art supplies stored low at my children’s level to allow for them to create anytime. I try to be fairly consciencous about what kind of supplies I keep in the house as well. As I mentioned, I make my own playdough and have experimented with homemade paint. We stick to watercolours mostly, but I have been known to hit up the dollar store to stock up on Acrylic paint.

Today I came across a company called Clementine Art based out of Boulder, CO. that makes completely natural art supplies for children. The line includes modeling clay, natural paint, glue, crayons, and crayon rocks. The images of the products make me want to stock up quickly and send my kids off with natural products in hand to create. The colours appear vivid, and according to the descriptions, they look great on paper too!

I love the fact that the ingredients are listed right up on the website so that you can see what you are buying before you even have the product. The modeling dough is dyed using turmeric, carmine, and spinach and the crayons are made from soy. There is so much to love about Clementine Art products. Shop Clementine Art here, and check out their gift set which would make an amazing gift!