U.S. Government Will Implement New Modified Pat-Down Policy For Children Under 12

Last week, during a Senate hearing, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, made an announcement that will make traveling with children just a tad less stressful. The government will be implementing a modified airport pat-down procedure for children under 12!

According to a recent article on PeterGreenberg.com, kids will not only be allowed to keep their shoes on when passing through security, but they will also receive fewer pat-downs. This new policy was introduced after numerous complaints were issued about their ‘enhanced’ pat downs that involved TSA screeners.

This is such fantastic news for parents traveling with small children – especially toddlers! Until just recently, my eldest daughter would have a complete melt down every time we attempted to take her shoes off when going through security. Thankfully, she has since outgrown this fear of hers, but I have seen many children go through the same fuss when asked to take their shoes off. It can be quite upsetting for them and distressing for the parents.

This new policy will take quite a bit of stress off the parents of young ones!

Photo Credit: lifan