Joyfolie: Unique, Eco-Friendly, One-Of-A-Kind Children’s Shoes

While spending time on my new favourite site, Pinterest (I know I’m behind on this one!,) I spotted the most adorable baby shoes I have ever laid eyes on. After doing some digging, I learned that the company behind the perfect shoe is Joyfolie, started by mom-of-two Jessica Haley. Haley has gone from college teacher to bustling handmade business owner in a relatively brief amount of time.

Joyfolie designs children’s shoes that are eco-friendly, and handmade using gorgeous materials. Each design is feminine, and classic. My absolute favourite, which drew me to the website in the first place is the photo above. The design was inspired by a photo that Haley came across, for a former feature called Photo Folie. The faded blue and white stripes along with the rust fabric flower and white flower together are genius!

The only problem with Joyfolie? The shoes are practically impossible to get your hands on! Haley addresses this in the About Us section, explaining that the demand is much higher than the handmade demand. These beauties sell out extremely quickly so make sure you act fast if you see a pair you love.

Visit Joyfolie to order a pair today and be sure to visit their Etsy site as well for other goodies.