Puj: The Perfect Bath Tub For Newborn Babies

I was first introduced to Puj, last year during an event in New York City. Because my youngest daughter was 1 year old, I was unable to test out the Puj Baby Bath, but thought the concept was pretty cool. A fold-up bath that dries quickly? Sounded a heck of a lot better than the regular baby bath I had been using!

Made from a heavier plastic, my own cumbersome bath was a real pain to store and even more of a pain to use. Both of my girls would slip and slide when I tried to give them a bath and the overall design of the unit was just really awkward.

With our third child, we retired that plastic tub and replaced it with the Puj which has surprised me in every way.

The Puj was shipped completely flat and folds in seconds thanks to magnets that are strategically placed in the soft material. Basically the unit folds itself into a simple origami-like tub that you place in your sink.

We have a Victorian style pedestal sink and this tub fit perfectly in the basin. It is impossible to overfill the tub, because there is a drain hole near the top to make for easy draining.

Because of the soft material, your baby is basically cushioned throughout their bath. The compact size doesn’t allow for extra movement and because your baby is in the sink, it is extremely hard for any slipping and sliding to occur. In fact, I found it to be more secure than when I was bathing the girls in our old tub.

Cleaning the tub is a breeze as well! Once we finished bathing him, we simply tipped the tub over, rinsed it, unfolded and then hung to dry (which it did within 10 minutes). Easy, clean and no fuss.

I am so glad I was able to try out this brilliant invention and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a baby bath. Compact, lightweight, clean and easy to use, you really can’t beat the Puj tub.

Price: $40.00 from Puj Baby

*Thank you to Puj for sending me a tub in order to facilitate this review.*