Maclaren Doubles Up On The Denim With Their New Twin Triumph

Denim seems to be the new black when it comes to strollers!

Everyone fell in love with the gorgeous denim stroller Maclaren came out with earlier last year. So much so that they mimicked the look with their Beatles’s version. Even Bugaboo came out with their own denim stroller line!

Maclaren’s original Denim Quest was so incredibly popular that they received numerous requests for a Denim Twin stroller. So, what did they do? They made one of course!
The new twin Denim is built on the Twin Triumph chassis, so it is appropriate from birth. You’ll also be happy to know that although it is a double the stroller fits through standard doorways. It also includes a raincover.

The stroller weighs 23.4 lbs and can hold 110 lbs. It is available for purchase now through Maclaren’s Online Store.

Price: $300.00